Spring 1, week 13 – The Flower Festival

Time’s flown by. I’ve been here over three months now, an entire season. It’s been getting warmer and warmer, the rains are giving way to clear skies and beautiful winds…. And I’ve been a proper real genuine witch for three months without ruining anything! Snowdrop swatted me, she says I’ve “always” been a proper witch. […]

Spring 1, week 11

It’s the start of the week and I’m preparing to head off to meet Tolbem. I’ll be spending the whole week at this other village, called Traveller’s Rest. I’m a little nervous, but also excited! I’ve been to enough villages over my training that I know what to expect, broadly, but they’re all different. Tolbem […]

Spring 1, week 9

After how busy last week was I’ve been no less busy this week. It’s already nearly over and I’ve spent nearly all of it helping the Golem. We’re nearly done, there’s only a few more bits that need repairing and I had to stop at the village to get some mortar for it. I’ve also […]

Spring 1, week 7

Snowdrop is excited today. Very excited. She’s bouncing all over the place because today I’m taking the adventurers to Hero’s Hollow for their expedition. I’ve been trying to keep her occupied but she’s currently running laps of the house. Before we get to that, though, I put some of my silver to good use. Earlier […]

Spring 1, week 6

My plans for this week were to get something going in the garden plot I’ve got. I decided reading through the journal I’d pick a plant that’s hardy, relatively difficult to kill, and effective against a range of conditions. I settled on Surgeon Sap. It’s a very useful ingredient that’s helpful for neutralising poison, as […]

Spring 1, week 1

This is my first “official” entry into this endless journal. I’ve decided I’m going to continue the style of the witch who owned this cottage before me. I still don’t know much about her other than her interesting style of writing and that she’s gone missing. She’s written in here that she’s not sure when […]