Spring 1, week 10

This is possibly my last update from my newest friend, the Golem. I finished repairing it a short while ago, the last bits being mortaring in some new stones to support its structure. After giving it a little time for that to dry and set, and warning it to be gentle for the next few days, it started moving around! I was delighted, Snowdrop was running circles, and the Golem seemed so relieved. I don’t know how long it was stuck here unable to move, but now it can go where it wants. We sat for a while but I have to head off now. I hope it does well up here, and I’ve told it to come back here if it ever needs help and I’ll fly over regularly to make sure it’s okay. It made plenty of happy noises.

I’m going to miss spending time with it, but I’m glad it can do what it wants now.

My patient this week was a familiar face; Mayor Tolbem. He came by this morning quite embarrassed and trying to be discreet. He caught me tending to my developing tree and when I offered we head inside he was quite insistent we didn’t. I found out why quickly enough though.

The poor mayor has caught the eye of a passing fey and they’ve decided he was too serious and needs to lighten up. So Tolbem doesn’t have a choice any more; he has…. “fey wind”. A slightly euphemistic way of saying he has a mild curse from a mischievous fey such that he passes wind regularly and uncontrollably with the additional effect it releases a puff of pink sparkly smoke. It doesn’t smell, thankfully, but it is highly noticeable and quite embarrassing.

Tolbem also needs this addressed promptly. He explained, while shifting uncomfortably, that he is due to travel to a neighbouring village at the end of the week to take part in a large negotiation with the surrounding settlements for the winter. Apparently this is a large negotiation for sharing resources among all of the neighbours to make sure there’s enough for everyone, but there’s a cost element to it as well. High Rannoc has grain and wood to barter with, but will need preserved meats and metalwork, and he feels he won’t be taken seriously if he’s farting his way through the talks.

There are some times that stretch the ability of a witch to remain professional and detached, this is definitely one of them.

Patient details

Name: Tolbem

Occupation: The Mayor

Ailment: Fey Winds – Harmless but highly embarrassing colourful wind.

I’m going to need some Fey Dust and some Vampire Venom which will make a perfect potion to correct this. Typically Fey Dust works fantastically against Fey inflicted mischief and the Venom helps stabilise it. I’m off to the dungeon and then the grove. Thankfully I can take the broom now and safe my feet.

Getting here was easy enough, and my journey was easier than normal! But I did meet a new permanent inhabitant of the dungeon, honestly it’s amazing it’s classes as a dungeon with the number of people who actually live in it.

I was wandering the halls trying to find the vampire rooms again when I came across a strange arch that was heavily magical. Some things just draw the eye, this drew the magical sense. It was carved stone and some sort of barrier, so of course I investigated it. As soon as I approached someone called from the other side “do come in, as long as you wish me no harm then none shall come to you!”.

Thinking it couldn’t be any worse than anything else I’ve encountered I stepped into what can only be described as a shop. It was definitely a repurposed dungeon room because the “shelves” were what looked like burial slabs covered in various items, but it was still a shop.

The owner or shop keep was small, only coming up to my waist, and wrapped in a thick dark cloak with a white mask on. Their voice was high pitched and raspy but polite.

I introduced myself as the local witch and they were happy to show me around their goods. They had some impressive minor artefacts, all well outside my price range or need, as well as a good amount of food and basic provisions. They said they do well enough down here on those alone, the artefacts are just extra silver.

They did have some things I was interested, though! They actually sold Vampire Venom pre-bottled but also had an athame which caught my eye. For any novice witches reading this your athame is as precious as your wand for certain magics. It’s a blade used for ritual magic involving circles or blood. This one was a beautiful example of exactly what you’d be after; a thin polished silver blade that’s only sharp on one side with a tip that curves back, more for cutting than stabbing. It’s always razor sharp, enchanted to be so. The handle should be made of an old wood, this one was ebony. Everything else is optional but remembering that witchcraft is the right things at the right time ritual matters, and as such embellishment does help. This knife had crushed opal inlays round the handle in a lunar pattern with the different moon phases which was both beautiful and strengthened the effect.

I enquired and it was 80 silver for both, which I happily paid. The owner was pleased with the business and said they’d be here again if I ever had the need and bid me farewell. With that done I’m heading to the Grove next, what a quick trip!

Less quick trip into the Grove but I’ve mad a new friend. I’m just sitting here with them now keeping an eye on them before I head off to brew this.

First I arrived and started looking for the Fey Dust. It’s easy enough to find if there’s any around because not only does it glitter but it also makes a soft tinkling noise. I found a lovely little pond which is a frequent hang out of the smaller fey and sure enough there was some around one of the logs.

While I was scooping it up I saw a badger hiding in a little shadowed spot between some boulders. It was wounded and looked like it had been in a fight with some pretty nasty cuts from some sort of claw or tooth. It reached angrily when I got close but I was reasonably sure it wouldn’t last long if I left it. I decided if I could find some Surgeon’s Sap again it would patch it up nicely so went looking.

I didn’t have to wander far before I found some nestled between to very large rocks and quickly cut into the bark to extract the sap. I made sure to get a pair of doses too so I could use some later.

As I was bottling up the second dose the rocks moved and I heard a great wind rushing towards one of them which was almost deafening. I froze and waited and several minutes later it rushed out away from the rocks, and then a few minutes later rushed in again….. The rocks were breathing?

I backed up fast and only then noticed the shape, the enormous shape, of a sleeping body made of rocks. A Forest Giant, asleep in the Grove. Thankfully sleep, the older giants like this can be very angry and destructive even when not angry, and I don’t want to tangle with that. I backed away quickly but quietly and returned to the pond.

Once there I tempted the badger out with the sap, it seemed to recognise the smell and knew it would help. Once it was out I dribbled some into the wounds directly and I could see it relax as the numbing took effect. It got closer still and rested its good side against me as I gently applied more. I had to make sure all the wound was covered before I left it go.

That’s were I am now. It’s fallen asleep against me obviously relieved it’s not in pain anymore. It should be fine now. It’s a strong little thing. I’ll head off in a bit, maybe have a nap myself.

Making this potion is easiest if you’ve got something sweet to help you work. For this I started with honey, heated up until it starts to move a bit more quickly. If your honey is very thick add in some water before you start heating and stir it in. The Fey Dust can be sprinkled in as is and stirred through. The Venom needs to be distilled but this is where the honey comes in; because it has a much higher boiling point that the Venom you can just add it in ad stir it through. Let it bubble away for a few minutes and steam.

You’ll know it’s done because the venom will have turned the honey a deep burnt umber and the Dust will leave it glittering.

Time to drop this off down with the mayor!

Tolbem was so grateful he downed it there and then! I say downed, it was a little thick so he did have to eat it with a spoon but it vanished quickly. He also complimented the taste, something I’m not used to. Maybe I should put more effort into my potions being palatable as well as functional?

Regardless he paid and asked if I wanted to go with him to the meeting to see what it was like. I was flattered honestly, and agreed! It will be nice to stretch my legs a little!


  • +51 silver (+17 extra)
  • +2 reputation (+1 extra)
  • Gained: Athame (-80 silver)
  • Other Met: Dungeon Shopkeeper
  • Goal Complete: Repaired Golem
  • Event Triggered: Met the Sleeping Giant
  • Event Completed: Heal Animal Companion – Permanent Buff: Animal reagent in the Grove have -3 to find
  • Reagent Gained: Surgeon Sap
Photo by ThiƩbaud Faix on Unsplash

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