Samara’s Discoveries


Mayor Tolbem (he/they) – The current mayor, very nice, he seems glad to have a witch about again. He’s been keen to involve me in village affairs and make me feel welcome.

Iris St Germain (she/her) – The resident doctor, distractingly nice but also takes a lot of my work if I don’t complete it quickly enough! At the end of the day, though, she’s a doctor which means she’s to be watched…

Margaret (Meg) St Germain (she/her) – Iris’s daughter, no more than 10, excited and shy at the same time. She wants to be a witch when she grows up, but then what little girl doesn’t? She’s really keen on me now, and very cute about it.

Gottrey Mapleby (he/him) – A rushed baker, always on the go!

Omer Ponnal (he/him) – A farmer who is prone to frequent breaks and bouts of stone working.

Cyril Short (he/him) – An apprentice farrier, big fan of liver and onions.

Olma (she/her) – A retired seamstress who has lived in the village all her life, some ninety years now. She leads the unofficial village council; more of a huddle of older folx who act as a sort of village memory and source of gossip.

Violet Byrne (she/her) – A young tree feller who moved to the village recently with her partner, Casper.

Casper Byrne (he/him) – The partner of Violet, he currently maintains their house and looks after the young and elderly in the village. He’s burnt himself out once and bought shady potions to help, now he’s under strict orders to look after himself.

Leif Mowbray (she/her) – A fisher with a lot of experience.

Other Characters

Auria the Witch (she/they) – I don’t know much about her yet! Nobody seems to know where she’s gone, and I’ve only had a brief glimpse from a vision of the past. It seems whenever people remember a detail about her it breaks a little part of whatever spell is supressing their memories.

Molmurra (they/them) – A dwarf fisher who has helped me out in the past. cheerful and friendly, they’re amazing at fishing!

The Elf (they/any) – A beautiful figure in the Glimmerwood Grove, I’ve offered them friendship and they said they’d take me up on it when I was more powerful.

The Letter Writer (unknown) – A mysterious person who is sending me letters using the sealed bottle I sometimes find in the Meltwater Loch.

Ash the Giant (she/her) – A quiet and gentle giant who lives with Willow, Ivy, and Holly, near the Loch. They all feel they are outsiders even among their own because of their relationship.

Willow the Giant (any pronouns) – Loud, energetic, and outgoing, Willow lives with Ash, Ivy, and Holly.

Ivy the Giant (ze/zir) – Saved with a potion from hurting zir family. Ivy is thoughtful but prone to worry, ze lives with Ash, Willow, and Holly.

Holly the Giant (they/she) – Mischievous and careful, Holly is prone to good-natured jokes. Lives with Ash, Willow, and Ivy.

The Dark Ruler (he/him) – An ancient demon and rule of a large estate. He has a deal with the local witch that he can use a portal connected to his home realm.

Bàs Bàtà (he/it) – The guardian of the Loch, a huge red finned serpent.

The Great Demon (she/her) – A mysterious being who is difficult to see, she rules over all the demons through her multiple Dark Rulers. She has a particular fondness for the honey produced by my bees.

The Dungeon Shopkeeper (unknown) – This being runs the shop in the dungeon. They’re very secretive and reclusive, short and wear a mask at all time.

The Shady Potion Seller (unknown) – They’ve sold harmful potions to the village, nobody has clear recollections of them once they’ve left, I’ll have some choice words for them if I catch them.