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Note to future readers: I copied this entry from my personal journal. It was originally written on the cart on the way into the village, but I’ve discovered the witch who left this cottage for me? Her journal has been supremely useful and seems to have an unlimited number of pages. I’ve copied just this one entry from my own journal into it and I’ll be keeping this one going forward. A fresh start.

We should be arriving today. Finally. It’s been raining non-stop since I left, I’m not sure if that’s an omen. I should probably know that, right? The wagon is covered but it’s not very water proof. There’s only so long you can stay sat down as well, so I’ve been walking alongside it. Thankfully my tent is much more waterproof than the wagon, and I’ve been using a charm to dry myself out before I sleep.

High Rannoc. A sleepy little village tucked away in the middle of nowhere, miles from anything approaching civilisation. So isolated it’s taken them nearly a month to raise the call for a witch after theirs went missing. So isolated I’m the one that got sent.

I’m nervous, though I can’t let that show. This is my first posting alone, normally I’d be apprenticed for a year before this, but of course nobody would take me. “Not a real witch” and all.

The advantage is nobody will know me. I made sure the note that went back telling them to expect me was neutral.

New witch en route. 4 weeks all permitting. Will have no supplies for speed, please prepare residence.

Brusque, but when you’re paying by the word you get what you’re given. Having “no supplies” is a nice touch, makes it sound like I had some I left behind rather than nobody wanted to waste the money.

I’m not going to be bitter…. I’ve promised myself. This is a fresh start. A new place where I can hopefully just be me, be allowed to practice my craft and help people without the judgemental stares and whispers.

High Rannoc…. Hopefully somewhere I can learn. A shame the witch has gone, but if I can find her journal I should be set.

Spring 1, Week 1 – Samara’s Apothecaria

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